Property Tax Search & Certificate Service
This service enables you to obtain up-to-date information on Edmonton properties. You can view property tax searches online, print them immediately and request copies to be sent directly to your e-mail within a few hours.

Online Property Tax Search $18.75 per property tax account
Staff-assisted Property Tax Search $23.50 per property tax account
Online Tax Certificate $36.00 per property tax account
Staff-assisted Tax Certificate $47.75 per property tax account

A Tax Search includes the legal description of the parcel, municipal address, current assessed value, year built, property tax amount, annual local improvement charges and current tax account balance.

A Tax Certificate shows the amount of property taxes imposed in the year, the amount of taxes owing, and the total amount of tax arrears, if any. It also includes the legal description, municipal address of the property and the monthly payment information, if applicable.

Please refer the FAQ section for more information.

All balances displayed on tax certificates and tax searches that are ordered online are as of the previous business day.

If a condominium property is added to the Shopping Cart, you will have the option to also search for condominium accessory/parking stall units that exist within the condominium plan having the same ownership and mailing address. Additional tax search fees will apply, with a minimum charge of $18.75 even if no other units exist.

For help in identifying the correct property, visit Edmonton Maps, locate the property on the map to obtain the street address, legal description and/or account number.
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